How to check my PHED, Meter number. Code To Check Meter No. Nigeria.

This post will show you the simple code used to check meter number in prepaid meters in Nigeria (code should be different for different countries.)  Straight to the point. Without the number of your meter you cannot load or recharge your meter with Phed Units or Credit. Some customers have configured Smart Cards that contain their meter numbers. Others have to either crest the number of their meters on the Meter body or write it down in a dairy or somewhere to help them remember.

Check phed meter number

See how to check meter balance. But there’s a way you can check that number right from your meter. You just didn’t know the process. It is simple. You need to type in an easy code. A two figured code. See it below.


Just punch in ’65’ on your meter and press the blue button to send the request. If your meter does not have a blue button press ‘#.’ Within seconds the meter will read the command and display and 11 figured number on the screen. This is your meter number. Works on Mojec meter also.

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