Housemates meet Biggie, Anto and Khloe reunite with others, As Biggie resets the game.

Alex says Bambam is the dirtiest housemate, housemates meet Biggie, Khloe and Anto sneak back into the house: Here’s a recap of day 56.

Have you been following the new season of Big Brother Naija? Here are some important things you probably missed on day 56.

Check out a recap of day 56, including social media reactions:

Ebuka and a special guest will party in the house this weekend

For the first time in the Big Brother Naija history, Ebuka and a special guest will join the housemates for the weekly house party. Ebuka made the announcement during the latest Big Brother Naija eviction show.

Khloe and Anto return to the Big Brother Naija house

Based on the Votes, Anto and Khloe were revealed as the two evicted housemates to return to the Big Brother House for a second chance at the game.

During a chat with Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Anto said she was returning with drama. She also said that she would confront Lolu about Didi, his girlfriend outside the house.

Khloe promised to set Cee-C and Alex straight. When asked if she would pursue a relationship with Teddy A, she said she is open to anything.

How Nigeria voted for the return of the evicted housemates

The housemates meet Big Brother

In a dramatic event, the Housemates “met” Biggie. They stood opposite each other; the housemates on one side, Biggie and his ninjas on the other side. However, they couldn’t see his face as he was masked.

Biggie described their meeting as their day of reckoning and called out each housemate on his or her fault. He also offered an undisclosed amount of money to any of the housemates who wants to walk away from the game. None of them chose the money.

And Biggie resets the game

Biggie then called on Ninja Prime to reset the game. The reset means that all the housemates are now on zero strike. Biggie is giving them a fresh start.

Khloe and Anto sneak back into the house

As promised by Biggie, Anto and Khloe sneaked into the house at 3:am when all the other housemates were asleep.

The housemates woke up this morning to see Khloe and Anto. They all seemed shocked, excited and surprised.

The housemates are not allowed to discuss the outside world

During his welcome speech, Biggie told the new housemates that they are not allowed to discuss the outside world. He also told the old ones that they are not allowed to ask about the outside world.

Cee-C doesn’t remember saying that anyone isn’t on her level

During the Live Eviction show, Ebuka asked Cee-C about her ‘level,’ which she keeps saying nobody is on. She told them that she couldn’t remembering such.

She eventually attributed it to anger during the fights.

Alex says Bambam is the dirtiest housemates

During her diary session, Alex tells Biggie that Bambam loves to appear perfect, but that she is the dirtiest and most scattered housemate.

Twitter reactions

I’m not a Cee-C fan but she’s a real one fam 😂🤣. The babe didn’t not even smile. Like this is literally war . Game on !


Anto and Khloe hanging around the Toracle boys, Teddy A comes to join them

Khloe looking at him like, what is this 8% doing here




Bam Bam: what did u do to Anto why is she not talking to you

Lolu: idunno
Bam Bam: did u ask you should

Cee c: Biggieeeee we need more popcorn
BamBam: cuz this week is gon be a show


These two gals are all over Tobi and Miracle 😂😂😂😂…dey making things too obvious 😩😩..I feel fr Lolu😭😭😭😭..Anto wats the attitude😒


There a re currently 9 contestants battling for the 45 million naira grand prize. With 56 days gone, the housemates have 29 more days to spend in the Big Brother Naija house.

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