Actress Regina Daniels Biography. Age, school, contact, cars net worth etc.

This pretty face is an indispensable figure in the Nollywood Entertainment Industry, Nigeria’s leading movie production industry. Highly known on screen for her incredible delivery. She came into limelight a couple of years ago and has since then remained there, thrilling her fans with amazing performances. But that is about all you know about the teenage actress, plus maybe a couple of movies she has starred in. Well, that ends now. Climb on board as we take you deep down Regina Daniels ‘ Biography. You’d be surprised the number of things about her you never knew, like her age, relationship status whether dating or single, relationship with her mother, net worth and how much money she makes per movie, her house, cars, films acted, education, early life and many more.


Regina Daniels Biography


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BACKGROUND PROFILE: How old is Regina Daniels?

Regina Daniels was born on the 16th of October 2000, which brings her age to 18 years as of when this post was composed. She lives in Asaba, Delta State with her mother and 5 other siblings. Her mother is also an actress and Chairman of Delta State Actor’s Guild of Nigeria, so acting came quite naturally to her. Regina never really talks about her father so what we have about him are unconfirmed news. Unlike many other kids absorbed into the system, Daniels didn’t need much coaching before handling a role. Her mother is entirely supportive of her daughter and even goes as far as mentoring her. She has acted with stars like Mercy Johnson and Tonto Dikeh. She has acted in more than 100 movies and aspires to be a mega superstar known worldwide.



Like we said, acting came natural to her. Daniels began acting at the age of 7. Her first acting fee was four thousand naira # 4,000. She became noticed when she starred in the movie DESTINY KID. In that film she played the role of a little destined child that was murdered by the villagers but returned back to life having supernatural powers. She is also a movie producer having produced two movies to her name: TWIN APART and JERICHO.



Regina Daniels attended Hollywood International School, Asaba. Even during her primary and secondary school days she had taken part in major school dramas and plays. Recent photos that surfaced on the internet showed the actress putting on what appeared to be a matriculation gown. There’s rumours that Daniels has gotten admission into a tertiary institution, even though no one knows the name of the University yet.



The questions keep coming; how much does Regina Daniels charge per film? How much does she charge currently for a role? What is Regina Daniel Net Worth? What was her first acting fee?

. Her first acting fee was between 4000 – 10,000 naira.

. As of 14 years old the actress earned # 500,000.00 for a role.

. It is believed that she charges over a million naira for a role right now.

Regina Daniels biography. story of her life.

Regina Daniels is not married but is believed to be in a relationship with might just lead to marriage. She loiters her media profiles with pictures of herself and a cute guy whom she claims to be her boyfriend and the duo are waxing strong. The boy’s family and her family are aware of the fact that their children are dating. She was once believed to be in a relationship with Handsome Actor, Somadina Adinma.



The talented actress and model is rumoured to have gotten pregnant at the age of 16. She however came up to clear the information saying that it was all an attempt by her haters to soil her name.



When asked about her contact and relationship with her father the star doesn’t normally say much. She’s done her best to keep her dad off the media that fans begin to feel she doesn’t love the man. Raised by a single mum, she claims her mother is her father and her all in all.



Regina Daniels tops the list of most beautiful and richest teenage actress in Nigeria. She is currently one of the richest and most influential teenage actress in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $350,000

Awards and Nominations:

In 2015 she was nominated by City People Entertainment as best prominent actress in Nigeria. She has won several awards such as best actress of the year at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.


Lexus 300 jeep.


1 Dumebi in School

2 Python Girl

3 The Bat-man

4 The Jericho ( produced by herself)

5 The Plantain Girl

6 Jaja The Great

7 Twins Apart ( Produced by herself)

8 Tears of Ojiugo

9 Wipe Your Sorrows

10 Royal covernant

11 Traditional War

12 Stronger Than The gods

13 The King And The Python

14 Hanging Coffin.


The actress holds a yearly children’s day program on the platform of her non-governmental organization(NGO), Regina Daniels Charity Foundation (RDCF). With this she helps to inspire children about the usefulness of discovering their potentials and utilizing them to the fullest. Guess we can say she is contributing here fair share..

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