5-reasons why we all have a Teddy A inside of us

This year’s edition of the reality show, Big Brother Naija has offered us a number of interesting personalities, and few stand out as much as the imposing Teddy A. Tattoos, a brooding demeanour and his tendency to be a loner have created a perception of Teddy A as the show’s resident bad boy. THAT incident with BamBam only served to reinforce the image of him as a dark, conniving character.

It explains why most fans of the show believe he is only taking BamBam, one of the show’s favourites, for a ride. If you care to look beyond the surface though, every one of us has a bit of Teddy A somewhere within.

Here are 5 reasons why we think so:

(1) We all have the urge to express:
The major difference is that most of us suppress it better than others but it’s hard to deny that we all have the urge to express ourselves.

Humans are embodiments of a myriad of emotions and opinions. In the course of interacting with others and our immediate environment, the urge to make these emotions and opinions known is always present.

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Expression can take various forms; in some cases, it is writing poems or vocally interrupting conversations; for others, like Teddy A, it is his music and the tattoos that spread across his torso.

(2) Deep inside, everybody is a loner:
A loner is someone who tends to enjoy isolation outside the bustle of social interaction. Going by that definition, Teddy A is a loner through and through.

As much as we have a tendency to isolate loner and berate their antisocial behaviour, everybody is, to an extent, a loner. As yourself.

When the noise gets a little too loud and the bodies get a little too busy, we all have a need to take a step back and recline into our personal space.

Ultimately, some, like Teddy A, are more comfortable in their space than others.

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(3) We all want to appear confident:
You can call it hyper-masculinity or a dismissive demeanour, Teddy A appears to be one of, if not, the show’s most confident person.

In the show’s dynamic, it has helped him stand out as decisive and clear-minded.

While it may come across as proud and aloof to others, we all crave that place where we are and appear fully confident and assured in our choices and personalities.

It may seem abrasive to you but Teddy A is just the final form that many crave.

(4) We all put up a front but we’re all softies inside:
At first glance, Teddy A appears to be the definitive brute, a rock-like impregnable fortress without any form of emotion.

That is until you see him in the vicinity of BamBam, his partner on the show or whispering lyrics to her while they’re huddled together.

It reminds you of a bar of Bounty chocolate; dark brown and menacing on the outside, but mushy and white inside.

Many of us make a concerted effort to appear strong on the outside while our emotions bubble with passion within us.

(5) Like Teddy A, we all just want to blow:
When the Big Brother Naija housemates were unveiled and Teddy A was asked why he joined the show, he had one simple answer: he wants to ‘blow’ and be popular.

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You’re not harsh if you took a step back; we would expect that anyone would go into the house to win the prize money.

We may have a hard time defining what it means to ‘blow’ but we do know that it is a defining Nigerian trait.

Whether you’re a musician, a dancer, a pastor or a journalist, every Nigerian moves, like Teddy A, with the prayer, that one day, the sun will rise and blow-ing will follow. We are just skinnier versions of Teddy A without the dreadlocks when you think about it.

Written By Segun Akande (pulse.ng)

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